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Web Hosting Pad Bonus Features

Web Hosting Pad is a hosting company that has been around for many years. Whether you have a personal blog that you would like to host independently or a company website that you want to get up and running so that it can start creating revenue for you, it’s important that you have a hosting company that you can trust, and that will give you all of the features that you would expect, plus some that you might not have known existed. So, what does Web Hosting Pad have to offer you?

Communication Features

With any website, communication is key. Whether it’s communicating with your customers directly, or having your customers able to communicate with you. Passing along information is something that is only really possible if you have the appropriate features on your site. With WebHostingPad, this isn’t a problem. Included in the bonus features when you sign up is a message board script that you can add to any page of your site. This gives your customers the opportunity to speak amongst each other, send you requests, and it can even be used to help resolve potential issues your customers might have. If your customers cannot communicate with you, then it can mean the death of your business.

Visual Features

Because of how quickly the Internet is evolving, it’s important to make things visual. A page of text will have your customers clicking their ‘back’ button before they even know what your site is about. Photos and other visual features, such as the image galleries that come free with WebHostingPad, are important to the overall experience of your customers. This is especially important if you are selling a product on yourself. Having it physically seen on your site is better than any written description you could possibly write.

Are Customers Satisfied?

The biggest factor in anything you buy online is what other customers think about it. If customers are usually happy with a product, they are not afraid to say so. This is why reading customer reviews is so important to do before you place an order for a service like web hosting.

“I didn’t know service like this still existed-certainly had never experienced it with any other hosting service. After using a different service that was priced high and offered mediocre service at best, WebHostingPad.com is a breath of fresh air.”
— Susan Granger from Thetop10webhosting.ca

When customers are satisfied, like Susan is above, it’s a great indication that a service is worth checking out, and it makes a good likelihood that you will be satisfied as well.

Pricing Options

The cost for WebHostingPad’s hosting packages will depend on how long you sign up for. If you sign up for lower amounts of time, the price per month ends up being higher. However, if you sign up for longer lengths of time, you are rewarded with cheaper pricing. If you sign up for one year, it works out to be $3.99 per month. But, if you sign up for 5 years it only costs half that a month.

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