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What You Can Learn from Reading the Lunarpages Reviews

Before you go and sign up with any web site hosting service that you find online, it is important that you know what you are getting yourself in for. There are some companies that are strictly designed for the consumer, while there are others that are far more business-focused. When you read the Lunarpages reviews, you will see that although this company does offer smaller, more affordable packages for the consumer, their focus is primarily on business.

What Does It Offer the Consumer?

If you are looking for a basic hosting package with unlimited domain space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email addresses, then you can certainly find it with Lunarpages.  Although you will certainly be given a lot of extra features with this company, the price will be significantly higher than other companies, and it is more than likely you will never use them.

So, if you are setting up a blog or your first page on the internet, then you might want to stick with a company that is a little more user-friendly according to the Lunarpages reviews.

“I read the reviews before signing up and I’m glad I chose this company. Great service.”
Wally, TX

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

What Does It Offer Business Owners?

On the other hand, if you have a larger website, one that is far more complicated than just a few pages, or one that gets a lot of traffic, then you will want to read the Lunarpages reviews for yourself to see exactly what they do have to offer. At the lowest level, they have VPS and cloud computing which can help you to keep better control of your traffic patterns and not overload your own servers. This is a cost-efficient way to handle data for many small companies.

If you need more flexibility and stability, then you may want to look at either the dedicated or managed services. These are designed for much bigger companies, with lots of client interaction, transactions, or high or erratic traffic patterns. When you have all of your data on these servers, it really takes the burden off of your IT department. There is also colocation, which is ideal for very large companies and is the best way for you to handle your data as securely as possible.

What About Price?

When you read reviews for some hosting services, you will see that their biggest selling point is their price, but not when you read Lunarpages reviews. In fact, you will see little mention of the price of a hosting package in part because they are often custom-designed to meet your particular needs. A package that is right for an online marketer with a few domain names is not going to be the same one that a large retail company would use.

“They helped me find just the right package for my business and saved me money.”
Ted, MN

Therefore, you will see in many of the Lunarpages reviews that the biggest selling point with this web site hosting company is the fact that it is designed for companies of all sizes and is really meant to help you relieve some of the burden of website development, data storage, and security.

Lunarpages reviews are found to be helpful especially by people who work in IT departments who were successfully able to migrate their business from one service to Lunarpages, or from internal server to Lunarpages, and have discovered that it saved them time, money, and a lot of headaches in the long run.

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