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iPage vs. FatCow – Which Should You Choose?

Whether you are setting up multiple domain names, websites, scripts, and databases, or you just want a small space to put your blog, choosing a hosting service can be confusing. You certainly don’t want so many features that it is too difficult for you to use, but you also want to have full access to other features in case your business grows down the line. In the iPage vs. FatCow discussion, it can be even harder to choose a side.


Which Should You Choose?

An interesting note is that both of these companies started in 1998 and they both serve well over one million web sites all around the world. So, if you are trying to decide on iPage vs. FatCow based on longevity, there is no difference. With both services, you will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts with even the smallest account.

“I didn’t know which one to choose so I used FatCow because it was cheaper. Haven’t been disappointed yet.”
Jerry, NY

What About Price?

The difference in price between iPage vs. FatCow is negligible and will likely depend on the particular sale that they have going on at their web site on the day that you sign up. That being said, if you go online right now, you will find that the basic hosting package at FatCow is $3.15 per month while it is only $2.95 per month at iPage.

What About Freebies?

Perhaps the only place where the two companies are any different is when it comes to the variety of freebies that you will get when you sign up. With iPage, you will get over $450 worth of extras including free Google ad credits, Yahoo ad credits, Facebook ad credits, and a listing in the Yellow Pages. With FatCow, you will get exactly the same thing.

“The advertising credits really helped me get off the ground.”
Estelle, NJ

With both services, you will get blogging tools (WordPress), but with FatCow, you will also get a free toll free phone number and access to the Joomla content management system. iPage doesn’t have those, but it does offer you Shopsite software for your online store and membership to SiteLock, which has a $99 value.

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Environmentally Friendly

Another aspect of the iPage vs. FatCow quandary is that these are both incredibly “green” companies. They both operate their servers and their entire companies on green power that comes from 100% wind energy. So, if you are looking to keep your own business as green as possible, then this is one way that you can do it.

Which One Should You Choose?

It is rare that there are so many similarities between hosting companies and you would have to look pretty hard to find any particular differences. One of the great things about both iPage and FatCow is the fact that they both come with full money back guarantees. So, if you choose their service and find that you aren’t getting what you had hoped for, you can get your money back. The only difference is relation to iPage vs. FatCow is that FatCow’s guarantee is for thirty days while the iPage guarantee is at any time.

You might find some very small and intricate differences in the ways that they run their features or the kinds of programs or root access that you will get, but for the most part both companies are very similar in price, features, and freebies, and you really can’t go wrong by choosing either one of them.

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