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Why You Should Read An iPage Review

There are a lot of new hosting companies online that are making a lot of big offers, but when it comes to finding server space that is reliable, affordable, and comes with all of the bells and whistles that you need, then you might want to take the time to read an iPage review. This is not a new company – in fact, it has been offering hosting since 1998, and to date it hosts over one million different websites.


Why Choose iPage For Hosting?

Of course every company has their own requirements when choosing hosting space, and choosing a company that is environmentally friendly might not be one of them. But, if it is, then you should know that iPage has a reduced carbon footprint and their entire company is powered by wind energy. You can even get a “Green Certificate” for your website, proving that it is green, too.

“I am selling green products on my site so knowing that I was working with another green company meant something to me.”
Sally, SC

What About Reliability?

This is actually a fairly large company, but according to most of the iPage reviews, it is one that still treats its customers with a great deal of care. iPage has customers in over 150 different countries and has six different locations. Because this is a larger web hosting company, you will get a greater deal of reliability than you would with a smaller company, but it is not something that you have to pay extra for.

What Do You Get With Your Service?

When you sign up for web site hosting, one thing that you will read about in an iPage review is that you can create a website in just ten minutes. Now, if you are an expert in web site building, then you may want to create your own non-template based site, but if you are just looking to put something up quickly, this can be a huge advantage.

“This is the first website I’ve ever built. I’m surprised at how easy it is.”
Jessica, TX

You will also get a free domain, free site building tools, an online store, and a security suite for your website. As far as disk usage and bandwidth goes, they are both unlimited and you can even have an unlimited number of email addresses, too.

Free Advertising Credits

Another very helpful feature that you will get, and one that you will find written about in an iPage review is that you get over $450 worth of extras when you sign up. This includes credit with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Shopsite, and Sitelock. You will also get a free WordPress blog and free Yellow Pages business listing.

What Do You Pay For All These Features?

There was a time when you if you wanted a high quality hosting service with a company that gave you all these tools, you would end up paying hundreds of dollars per month. What is really remarkable is that you can now get this for less than $3 per month when you sign up for a contract. This is an over 50% savings off of the regular price and also much cheaper than most others you will see.

Is This Worth It?

There are many benefits that you can read about in any iPage review, not least of which is the price. Whether you are new to setting up a website or you have built many before, you will appreciate the instant activation and free setup, and with a full money back guarantee at any time, you can always feel secure that you are getting the best possible deal.

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