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Environmentally Friendly Sites With GreenGeeks

In today’s day and age, it’s important to give your customers what they want if you want your business to succeed. When it comes to the environment, customers are becoming more and more conscious about what the companies they deal with are doing to combat things like climate change and air quality.

GreenGeeks is a hosting company that is completely environmentally friendly, which means you can feel good hosting your website through them, and your customers can feel good doing business with you knowing that you are doing everything in your power to run an environmentally friendly business.

What Does it Mean?

What does it mean when GreenGeeks says that they are environmentally friendly? Well, for starters they run on 300% wind energy. That means that they create more energy using wind turbines than they end up using. So, that excess energy is great for the environment and it means that less coal is burned for energy. In addition to their energy, they also use the latest technology on their servers, including the latest Intel processors which draw less energy and don’t need as much power to run.

Even Greener

What’s even better than their power consumption is the fewer emissions they have compared to other web hosting companies. Because most of their staff telecommute from home and work from their own computers, there are fewer carbon emissions because those employees do not have to commute back and forth to work every day. Over the long term, this makes a huge impact on our environment. GreenGeeks are committed to green programs around the globe and will continue to be, which means some of the money you spend on hosting is supporting our planet and ensuring the future is greener.

What Customers Think

So now that you know why GreenGeeks are said to be environmentally friendly, what are other customers saying about them? Are they happy with the service, or is the commitment to going green not worth the effort?

“I’m all about being green and friendly toward the environment, so choosing Green Geeks was an obvious choice. They offer round the clock live chat service, which is great. The coolest thing in my opinion about Green Geeks is that they use clean energy for everything. You just gotta love that!”
— Georgia Faraday from Thetop10webhosting.ca

When customers enjoy a company it is usually because that company knows what they are doing. In the case of the hosting packages offered by them, customers are pleased with the quality of service and with the commitment to the environment that is made by the company. When you run a greener business, customers respect you for that and are happy to do business with you.

Hosting Your Site

You need a host to run your website online, and GreenGeeks is the obvious choice if you are committed to making a change in the environment. Your customers will thank you for it, the planet will thank you for it, and you will profit higher because of it.

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