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Godaddy vs. Hostgator – Which Should You Choose?

Although you might think that all hosting services are just about the same, in reality, there are many small differences that can add up when it comes to your business plan. Whether you are simply buying a domain name and putting up a blog, or you are building an internet marketing empire, making sure that you have the right hosting service is essential. So, when it comes to Godaddy vs. Hostgator, you might want to do some investigation before you make your choice.

Godaddy vs. Hostgator – Who Are They?

Godaddy is probably the best known hosting provider in the world, primarily because of their provocative advertising on television. They sponsor the racecar driver Danica Patrick, and they are also known for placing million dollar ads during halftime of the Super Bowl, but does that make them the best company?

Hostgator, on the other hand, has been around for around ten years and is based in Texas. This company is not small at all and claims to control one percent of the entire internet’s traffic. They have hundreds of thousands of users and have registered over seven million domains, so you know that you are not dealing with a fly-by-night company.

“I chose Hostgator because I wanted all of my sites in one place, in one account.”
Abbey, TX

What Are You Looking For?

When you are trying to determine Godaddy vs. Hostgator, your decision will probably be decided on just what kind of server space you are looking for. Most people only need shared space, but if you want VPS or dedicated space, then you might want to stick with Godaddy. But, if you are someone who is far more interested in mass domain purchases or saving money on your domains, then Godaddy would be best for you.

What About Customer Service?

Hostgator is definitely known for its high level of customer service. Whether you are looking for online live help, help via email, or even help over the phone, they will be there to assist you twenty four hours per day. Godaddy also has its own level of technical support, which will depend on the plan that you choose. If you choose the economy level plan with 10Gb of space, you will get great technical support, but you will generally get even better support with one of the higher end plans.

Godaddy vs. Hostgator – The Perks

When it comes to perks, you definitely get more freebies in terms of advertising dollars when you go with Godaddy. This is because they will give you $100 worth of Google credit, $50 worth of Bing or Yahoo credit, and $50 worth of Facebook credit. If you get a more expensive package, then you will get even more. When you choose Hostgator, you will only get $100 worth of Google credit.

“Since I had a ton of domains that I wanted to register, I went with Godaddy because of the price.”
Chloe, WA

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Which Package Should You Choose?

It really is difficult to choose a hosting company, but if there is one thing that you definitely need to know, it is that you need to be happy with your decision early on or you will live to regret it. Once you pick a hosting company, you will certainly want to consolidate all of your domains, websites, scripts, mailing lists, and other products in one place – and trying to switch them all over can be a real pain.

For smaller companies and individuals that are more interested in just putting up a quick website, you will probably find that Godaddy is the best choice. But, if you have multiple companies, domains, or websites already, the ease of use of Hostgator is probably worth the small amount of extra money you will have to pay, and it comes with a full 45-day guarantee.

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