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Fatcow Web Hosting – Bonus Sign-Up Features

If you have gone through the process of looking at the variety of services and features you are entitled to when you sign up for a plan through Fatcow, and you have decided that it is the right service for you, then you’re still not done. Other than signing up for the service, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with any added benefits or perks that might come with sign up. These features are only offered by some companies, so you might as well get what you can out of the new hosting service, right? What Fatcow hosting features exist? What perks will you enjoy when you sign up for service as a new customer? Let’s have a look.

Free Advertising From Fatcow Hosting

Heard of Google AdWords? When you search on Google, you know the sponsored ads that come up? Those could be yours because the Fatcow web hosting package actually comes with a massive credit that you can use with Google AdWords. How big? Well, it’s $75, which, when you use AdWords correctly can last for quite a while before you need to reload it, or not, depending on how well it works for you and whether it falls within your marketing plans.

More Free Advertising

If the Google AdWords credit wasn’t enough, there is also a $50 in Facebook advertising credits. This allows you to advertise on Facebook to target very specific markets. For instance, if you sell something locally, you can sell to only people who are located in the same city as you, according to their profiles.

Are There Other Bonuses For My Business?

In addition to free marketing credits, there is also the ability for a free business listing on yp.com, an online store through ShopSite and many other features and benefits that can help you grow and expand your business, or get a jump start on a new one.

What Customers are Saying

So, what do actual Fat Cow hosting customers think about the quality of service? There are some companies who use these features to lure you in but their service is actually awful and goes down a lot. Is that the case with Fatcow?

“Another satisfied FatCow customer. Incredibly easy setup, amazing customer service, and very useful features. The control panel is so easy to use; managing my site is way easier than I expected.”
— Terri Rider from Thetop10webhosting.ca

The reviews speak for themselves. It’s clear by looking at these reviews that Fatcow is a service that you can trust to provide you with hosting that will be great for your business.

A Fresh Start

Signing up for hosting through Fatcow is easy. Simply head over to their official website and sign up. You will be surprised at how quickly you can get a site up and running when you are provided with the appropriate tools. Fatcow web hosting can provide you with everything you need to jump start any business, or even a personal website. With the appropriate platform, there is nothing stopping you from reaching excellence in your field.

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