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What Do the FatCow Reviews Say?

Whether or not you have ever heard of FatCow as a company, you have probably seen their logos online. This is a very popular web hosting company that has hundreds of thousands of customers. It was founded 13 years ago in New Mexico and is one of the leading web hosting companies in the country. Its real claim to fame is that the entire company is powered by 100% wind energy, which may or may not be all that important to you.


What Do the FatCow Reviews Say?

If you are looking for a basic hosting package for a single domain and a small amount of space, then you certainly shouldn’t have to pay more than $5 per month (with an annual contract). Some companies will give you much more than that for an even better price, and according to the FatCow reviews, this may well be one of those companies.

“When you read the reviews, you know that you are getting a good company to work with. They were right.”
Burt, FL

What Do You Get With Their Hosting Service?

One of the unique features of this company and one that is mentioned in many FatCow reviews is the fact that they will register your domain name for free and also transfer it over for free. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Transferring your domain name can be a hassle and some companies charge a lot for doing it.

You will also get unlimited storage and bandwidth which is not available on all hosting providers, and free and immediate access to building your own blog. The server space comes with a wide variety of site templates unlimited mailboxes.

Do You Get Any Perks?

In addition to getting unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains, POP mailboxes, and MySQL databases, you will also get a free website builder and a shopping cart. You’ll also get $75 worth of Google AdWords credit, $25 worth of credit on Yahoo or Bing, $50 credit on Facebook, and a free listing in yp.com. Also, you will get a free toll-free number for your business, access to Joomla content management system, and WordPress.

“Having all the freebies when I signed up meant that I could start advertising my business right away.”
Mark, MN

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How Does This Compare To Other Companies?

When you are buying server space, it is important that you don’t look just at the price, because if your site goes down or you can’t get the technical support that you need, no discounted price will be worth it to you. The real important factors that you need to compare are all of the features that you will get with your space as well as the type of technical support that you will have access to.

According to the many FatCow reviews that you will find online, the technical support that FatCow provides is one of the best. You can choose from live technical support online, phone support, or email support – whichever is best for you. Having that constant access to someone who can help you with your problem really is what makes this service so special.

Is This the Hosting Service For You?

There are many other advantages that you can read about in FatCow reviews, but the fact that you get incredible service, unlimited space and bandwidth, and all of the free advertising dollars just for signing up make it a very good deal. It is also guaranteed, so if you don’t like what you are getting, you will still have time to cancel your contract and move on.

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