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Why You Should Read This Fat Cow Review Before Signing Up

Whether you are in the market for hosting for your new business, or you just want to switch your existing site to a new and more affordable company, then it is worth your time to read a Fat Cow review.


Who Uses This Company?

When you read any Fat Cow review, you will see that this company and its hosting services are used by everyone from small, one-website companies, to larger firms that are literally running hundreds of domains for their company. Fat Cow is definitely known for having low prices on individual hosting packages, but it is also known for giving full support to larger companies that have more advanced requirements.

“Fat Cow has a great reputation online and now I see why. Very easy to use.”
Leonard, AL

How Easy To Use Is It Really?

Here’s a video that demonstrates to you how their included Drag & Drop Site Builder works:

Drag & Drop Site Builder by FatCow

What Is the Pricing Like?

There was a time when it would cost you upwards of $100 for a month’s worth of limited, shared server space. You can now buy that same space for less than $5 a month, plus it comes with all kinds of extra features such as built-in programming, scripts, and a blog for you to immediately start working on.

You can learn from a Fat Cow review that this is an affordable company, with packages for individual shared space starting at about $5 per month. Not only is this a remarkable deal, but when you see all the freebies you get with it, it will seem even better.

“You won’t find hosting much cheaper than this and the service is something that you can really rely on.”
Patricia, CA

What Do You Get?

First of all, when you buy any hosting package, you will get a free domain name and free domain name transfer, so if you are already with another hosting service, it won’t cost you anything to transfer over. You will also get a variety of easy site builders that you can use to start your website, and an unlimited number of mailboxes which is something that you won’t get with a lot of companies.

Other perks that you will get when you sign up is a $75 Google ad credit, and a $25 Yahoo or Bing ad credit. This is more than enough to get your online marketing campaign started, and it won’t cost you anything.

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Is There A Guarantee?

When you read any Fat Cow review, you will see that this company is well known for being highly interactive with customers and offering around the clock technical support. This comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and because you have unlimited storage and bandwidth, they can’t kick you off their service just because you’re popular.

Environmentally Friendly?

It is hard to think of a hosting company as being environmentally friendly, but one of the unique features that is written about in any Fat Cow review is the fact that this entire company is powered solely by 100% wind energy. So, if you are trying to run an environmentally friendly company too, this is a huge benefit for you.

Whether you choose Fat Cow because of its unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains, or because you get a free domain name, website builder, and shopping cart with your purchase, this is a high quality hosting company that offers very good prices on all of its hosting packages. It is certainly comparable to some of the larger companies but because it is smaller, you will generally get better technical support and service to help you handle all of your hosting and website building problems.

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