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Dreamhost – Review of Hosting Packages

Dreamhost reviews very often talk about the quality of the service, the amount of uptime enjoyed by the users of that service, and the overall satisfaction of the customers. One thing that Dreamhost reviews frequently fail to mention is that there are a variety of plan options to suit almost any hosting need. So, what are the packages offered by Dreamhost, and do they have a package that is appropriate for your business?

Reviews of Their Hosting Plans & Packages

Dreamhost offers three distinct packages that are geared toward those with various hosting needs and they come a three price points.  We give you a run-down below of each one and who is best suited for each plan.

Shared Hosting Package:

The DreamHost Shared plan is $8.95 monthly and works on the principle that you share the service with others. Server space is limited, and so with this package you are always sharing the server that your website is stored on with other customers who also have websites on the server. You get unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and domains.

VPS Hosting Package:

With the DreamHost VPS package, your site will run faster because it is given more of the resources on the server.  Sometimes this can vary in what you get depending on who else is on the server with you. Priority is given to you but if the server gets bogged down you can still experience some slowness of operation. This package is $15 per month.

Dedicated Hosting Package:

The DreamHost dedicated plan ensures that you have a server dedicated specifically to running your site. You get to use 100% of the CPU resources and 100% of the RAM, making your website faster and more efficient. You still enjoy the same features as the other two plans, only you have a guarantee that your site is getting the best resources available and will not be as likely to go down or slow down. This package is available for $99 per month and is best suited toward customers who are running online businesses that depend on being up and functioning as well as possible 100% of the time.

As you can see above, they cater to many different needs and best of all, they will be happy to help you change plans as your needs change.

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Do Customers Like Their Hosting Services?

Are customers happy with DreamHost? What do DreamHost customers think about their service? Let’s have a look and see what other customers have to say.

“When I was looking for a hosting company for my site, I wanted to find one that cared about the environment and offered great affordable service. Once I found DreamHost, I was hooked. Super easy to work with, professional web sites with the best tech crew in the business. It’s actually fun to call them with a question. Two thumbs up!”
— Drew Saldana, Thetop10webhosting.ca

“Great because is always up, the billing method is neat and its very organized also I like the one click installs feature”
— Solangel Cerrud, WhoIsHostingThis.com

It’s clear that customers are very happy with the way this is set up and the service that is provided.  This is a good sign because when you need Dreamhost tech support, they’ll be around to service you.

Should You Be a DreamHost Customer?

If you have looked at the specifications of the service and have determined that it is suitable for both your budget and your website’s needs, and are happy with the DreamHost reviews you have read, then it is time to sign up. Simply head over to the official website and sign up for their hosting services.

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