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Bluehost Reviews – Free Scripts and E-Commerce Features

When searching for Bluehost reviews, it’s important to learn all you can about the web hosting company and what is included with the cost before you go ahead and purchase their service. You want to know what you’re getting and find out whether or not it’s a good deal right? As far as Bluehost reviews go, this one is going to discuss the various free scripts and the free E-Commerce features that are available though this hosting company. This way, you will be able to determine whether or not Bluehost will meet your needs or if you should look elsewhere for the service more adapted to your tastes.

Bluehost Reviews – Scripts

Scripts are bits of code you can add to your website in order to add functionality or other features to your site. For instance, if you wanted to add a shopping cart to your site, it would require a script for it to work appropriately. So what scripts come for free with Bluehost? First off, there’s a message forum so your customer can leave you and your other customers messages, start conversations, and really get a buzz going on your site. There are also mailing lists, image galleries, scripts to add polls or surveys to your site, help center and support ticket scripts, and even social networking scripts. These can all be added to your site with a single click.

Free E-Commerce Features

E-Commerce is the act of selling a product or service on your website. It’s the act of turning a regular website into a store. For this purpose, Bluehost has a secure server so your customers can make purchases without worrying about their information being at risk. There is also shopping cart software you can easily add, to make your website fully accessible to your customers so they can add and remove products to what they want to purchase, in case they want to purchase multiple things at once. There are 4 different shopping carts you can test out to see which you like best.

Blue Host

What Do Customers Say?

So what are customers saying about Bluehost? It’s important you read Bluehost reviews to find out what other customers think before you place an order. This way, you will always get the best services for your needs.

“I have a lot of content on my site, and my old host just wasn’t able to accommodate my needs. Blue Host let me have unlimited storage space, unlimited file transfer, and unlimited email accounts! Best of all, setup was instantaneous. The price is phenomenal, and they have 24/7 support! Who could want more?”
-Joshua Stone from Thetop10webhosting.ca

Signing Up

Signing up for Bluehost is easy. Once you have read Bluehost reviews and have decided it’s the best option for your business, simply head over to the official website and sign up. There are just two steps, including one that helps you find your own domain name and register it for free with your purchase of service.

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